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Adrian Drozd | Frost&Sullivan International S.A.
Edyta Kosowska | Frost&Sullivan International S.A.

M-payments is an emerging sector within the European mobile industry. The mobile industry is hopeful that m-payments will prove as popular in Europe as they have been in Japan and South Korea, thereby creating an additional revenue source in an otherwise mature industry.  There are reasons to be hopeful for m-payment adoption in Europe - greater technology availability, wider and deeper acceptance amongst different stakeholders, and industry wide alliances driving standardisation are all encouraging adoption.  Frost & Sullivan's presentation will provide an overview of the current landscape for m-payments in Europe, considering the current user adoption status, available and substitute technology options and some of the key players in m-payments across the region.  
Adrian Drozd is a Principal Analyst and Research Manager within Frost & Sullivan’s European ICT practice. He focuses on monitoring and analyzing emerging trends, technologies and market behaviour across the telecoms and digital media sectors, with a specific focus on the impact of convergence across the technology landscape. Adrian has 10 years of analytical experience across the technology sector. Prior to joining Frost & Sullivan in April 2010, he worked for market analysis firms Datamonitor and Canalys where he covered areas including digital TV and IPTV, digital home platforms, consumer electronics, digital entertainment and consumer mobility; in both cases he was responsible for running the firms’.
Edyta Kosowska is a Research Analyst with the Frost & Sullivan Europe Information & Communication Technologies Practice. She focuses on monitoring and analyzing market growth, emerging trends and technologies in ICT markets in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to her involvement in a series of research projects spanning areas including mobile broadband and IT infrastructure outsourcing, Edyta has participated in numerous consulting projects for global and Eastern European firms. Prior to joining Frost & Sullivan, Edyta held an analytical role covering the Polish IT and telecommunications market, where she focused on the VoIP, pay TV and value-added services markets. She was also involved in ICT projects covering Russia, Ukraine and Romania.
Frost&Sullivan International S.A.
Frost & Sullivan, globalna firma doradcza ¶wiadcz±ca usługi w ramach Growth Partnership [Partnerstwa na rzecz Wzrostu], współpracuje z klientami w zakresie przyspieszania rozwoju ich przedsiębiorstw. W ramach programów TEAM Research, Growth Consulting i Growth Team Membership Frost & Sullivan wspiera klientów w zakresie kreowania kultury nakierowanej na generowanie, ocenę i wdrażanie skutecznych strategii wzrostu. Frost & Sullivan od ponad 45 lat współpracuje z firmami z listy Global 1000, przedsiębiorstwami rozwijaj±cymi się oraz społeczno¶ciami inwestorskim. Posiada ponad 30 biur działaj±cych na 6 kontynentach. Więcej informacji na temat Partnerstwa na rzecz Wzrostu firmy Frost & Sullivan znajd± Państwo pod adresem http://www.frost.com.
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